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So you are interested in Case tractors.  You'll find Case Tractors history below, as well as used Case tractors and parts
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Case Tractors traces its history
way back into the 1800s.

Jerome Increase Case started a
company in Rochester in 1842,
then moved to Racine, Wisconsin
where he began manufacturing
threshers. In 1853, Case
accepted three partners to form
the J.I. Case & Company. The
Case eagle trademark, "Old
Abe," was created in 1865 and is
patterned after a bald eagle
mascot that served in the Civil

The first gasoline engine Case
tractors appeared  in 1892, when
William Paterson of Stockton,
California made an experimental
tractor engine for Case Tractors.  
The early Case tractor engine
ran, but not well enough to be

Case built their first steam engine
 which was pulled by horses in
1869.  By 1876 they had
developed their first steam
traction engine, which led the J. I.
Case Threshing Machine
Company to build steam-powered
Case tractors in the 1890's and
was among the first to make the
gasoline engine tractor.

By the early 1900s, Case tractors
began being fitted with engines
purchased from the Davis Motor
Company in Milwaukee.  In 1913,
Case made their own engines for
Case tractors.  

Case Tractors expanded by
merging with Grand Detour Plow
Company in 1919, and by later
purchasing the implement plant
of the Emerson-Framingham
Corporation of Rockford, Illinois
in 1928.  Eventually, Case
Tractors were taken over by the
Massey-Harris Company of
Toronto, Canada.

Case today still manufactures
heavy equipment for construction.

The following short movie has a
couple Case tractors in it:
Farm Tractors Video
case tractors
case tractors
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