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So you are interested in Cub Cadet tractors.  You'll find Cub Cadet Tractors history below, as well as used Cub Cadet
tractors and parts available right now on-line.  You can bid on them and get a better deal than at  a retail parts or lawn
equipment store.
Cub Cadet tractors began in
1961, when
Harvester decided to get into the
lawn and garden equipment
industry, citing the needs of
"suburban homesteaders."  Cub
Cadet tractors have been known
since their inception as tough,
and implement rich.  Even the
Cub Cadet tractors website
states that their tractors are "built
with farm-tractor DNA...innovative
and tough."

This was a strong departure from
the usual farm tractor and
attachments and was a result of
the need for smaller power
equipment. Cub Cadet tractors
were first available in three basic
engine sizes, which were seven,
ten and twelve horsepower
motors. Cub Cadet tractors
always had available many
attachments, including snow
blowers, rotary tillers, front end
loaders, dump carts, and more to
meet the demands of the rural
lawn and gardener.

Today, Cub Cadet tractors are a
favorite of tractor pullers, due to
their tough and rugged design.
cub cadet tractors
cub cadet tractors
cub cadet tractors
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