Cutting Tractor Pulling Tires

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Find out why cutting the tractor tires for pulling works!
Cutting Tractor Pulling Tires
Why does cutting the tractor pulling rear tires work?

A sharp, short edge will bite into a hard track better, as
more of the edge is able to bite into the ground providing
more surface area. Thus, cut tires coupled with low tire
pressure works best for traction.  

Cutting of the tractor tires also prevents the tires from
folding and running on edge, thus providing better contact
area of the tire to the ground.  Cut tires will still spin easily,
but will not lower the hitch which could result on less
weight on the back tires.

Yet in tractor pulling, the tires have a tendency to spin
faster than the tractor is moving down the track.  This
causes quite a bit of friction and dirt to be thrown.  Cut
tires will throw thinner slices of dirt than regular tractor
tires, thus allowing less dirt to pile up in front of the sled.

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