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So you are interested in Farmall tractors.  You'll find Farmall Tractors history below, as well as used Farmall tractors and
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The International Farmall brand
tractors truly began through
experimentation in 1905 by the
McCormick Harvesting Machine
Company after merging with
several other companies and
forming into the International
Harvester Company.

Farmall tractors were large,
powerful and were very useful for
large farming.  Farmall tractors
did not work well for the smaller
farmer, however. Eventually,
International tractors offered the
Mogul 8-16 and it sold quite well.
International continued to
improve their smaller Farmall
tractors with several models. The
famous letter series Farmall
tractors began being produced in
1939 and into the 1950s.  The
line of Farmall tractors ended in
1957 with the last Farmall Cub.

International produced many
Farmall tractors and became one
of the largest manufacturers of
farm tractors in the world.  They
eventually decided to capitalize
on their smaller tractor success
by launching an even smaller line
of lawn and garden tractors in
1961, called the
Cub Cadet.  

In 1984 International Harvester
was purchased by Tenneco and
today is part of the Case

The following short movie has a
couple Farmall tractors in it:
Farm Tractors Video
farmall tractors
farmall tractors
farmall tractors
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