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So you are interested in Ford tractors.  You'll find Ford Tractors history below, as well as used Ford tractors and parts
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The first Ford tractors were
produced in 1907 as prototypes
by Henry Ford, and were based
off of the Ford auto. These early
Ford tractors were known as the
automobile plow, not the Ford

Ford tractors were the first
tractors to be massed produced,
and thus became affordable to
the common farmer.  The
Fordson Model F was the first
Ford Tractors produced a
decade after the first prototype.  
Ford had to start an entirely new
company which he controlled to
produce the Ford tractors, as his
board of directors only wanted to
make cars.

The Fordson tractors were of
smaller design than its
competitors of the day.  Being
smaller enabled the Ford tractors
to become less costly and easier
to manufacture.  The Ford
tractors lost their dominance and  
market share in the 1930s.

Losing to competitors was
unacceptable to Ford, who then
worked to produce Ford tractors
- specifically the Ford 9N for the
US market.  Fordson tractors
remained for sales in Europe.

The new Ford tractors were of
better design, quieter and safer,
especially after the business
relationship Ford established with
Ferguson, who held tractor
patents and helped design the
Ford 9N. Thus, Ford tractors
became successful once again.  
The Ford tractors evolved over
the years with the 2N, E27N, 8N,
NAA, 600, 700, 800, 900 series
and the 601, 701, 801, 901
series and the 2000, 4000, 5000
diesel, 6000, and 9000 Ford
tractors.  Other Ford tractors
included the Fordson Dextra,
Power Major, Super Major and
Super Dextra.

In 1993, Ford Motors' tractor
division was sold to Fiat Agri,
even though Ford tractors were
one of the largest and successful
ford tractors
ford tractors
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