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So you are interested in John Deere tractors.  You'll find John Deere Tractors history below, as well as used John Deere
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equipment store.  
John Deere tractors are some of
the most beloved of all tractors
and distinctive with John Deere
green and yellow paint.

In 1837 John Deere, a Vermont
blacksmith, moved to Grand
Detour, Illinois.  John Deere
made a plow from a broken steel
saw blade that could cut through
the tough mid-western soil better
than other cast-iron plows.  The
company soon moved his  to
Moline, Illinois.  In 1858, John
Deere turned the company over
to his youngest son, Charles. In
1868, John Deere's business was
officially became Deere & Co.

By the early 1900s, John Deere
had branched out into corn and
cotton planters. In 1911,
Deere bought six agricultural
equipment companies to  
broaden its line of products.

In 1918, the Waterloo Gasoline
Engine Co. was purchased by
Deere and John Deere tractors
was firmly on its way, though they
offered some tractor models
previously.  John Deere tractors
soon became the number one
manufacturer of tractors in the

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