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So you are interest in Mahindra tractors.  You'll find Mahindra Tractors history below, as well as new and used Mahindra
tractors and parts available right now on-line.  You can bid on them and get a better deal than at  a retail store.
Mahindra Tractors, also known
as Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
- an Indian automobile company,  
is one of the largest tractor
manufacturers in the world.  

Mahindra entered the U.S. tractor
market in 1994, and currently
has two assembly and
distribution centers in the United
States.  Mahindra was used at
the end of World War II to
assemble the Willy’s Jeep for
American soldiers in India.  
Mahindra then later entered the
worldwide tractor market in 1947,
after India’s independence.

Mahindra actually developed its
first tractor through the help of
International Harvester through a
joint venture dating back to
1963.  Some of the Mahindra
tractor models are still based
upon the IH B-414 successor.  
Mahindra has also done a joint
venture with Ford Motor
Company in 1995.

You can purchase used and new
Mahindra tractors and parts on-
line through e-Bay.  The listings
to the right are the latest items
for sale.
mahindra tractors
mahindra tractors
mahindra tractors
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