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So you are interested in Oliver tractors.  You'll find Oliver Tractors history below, as well as used Oliver tractors and
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Oliver Tractors look a bit different
from other tractors, having
smooth aerodynamic lines.  This
has made Oliver tractors a real
collector's tractor.

Incorporated in 1929, the Oliver
Farm Equipment Company  
purchased the businesses  of six
manufacturers to become an
instantly complete agricultural
implement company.

Oliver concentrated on the
well-known Hart-Parr tractor,
which they had acquired.  The
tractors were then produced
under the name of Oliver

In 1930, Oliver tractors had a
4-cylinder engine and was known
as the Oliver 18-28 tractor.
Hart-Parr tractors only had
two-cylinder engines, so the
improvement made a name for
Oliver tractors. Many follow-up
Oliver tractors were produced
over the years, including the
Oliver 60, 70, and 80 models.  

In 1944 the Cleveland Tractor
Company merged with Oliver to
form the Oliver Corporation.  In
1948 the fleet-line series was
introduced which included the
models 66, 77 and 88.

Oliver Tractors was acquired by
the White Motor Corporation in

The following short movie has an  
Oliver tractor in it:
Farm Tractors Video
oliver tractors
oliver tractors
oliver tractors
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