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Tractor pulling videos featuring young and old
at the tractor pulls.  

Watch stock and hot stock (slight modifications
allowed) tractors pull sleds down the dirt track.

Our feature tractor pulling hero is Daniel, who owns a
John Deere 214 lawn tractor (slightly modified from 14
stock horsepower up to 22 horsepower).  

Some of these tractors are antiques!

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Stock & Hot Stock Tractor Videos

Wheel Horse Video
Watch this young lady pull
the sled with this hot stock
Wheel Horse tractor.

Deere Tractor Video
Daniel's hot stock won some
pulls this year.  This video
shows why...

Cub Cadet Tractor Video
This young man's tractor is
pulling with some hot stock
Stock & Hot Stock Tractor Videos

Girl's Stock Tractor Video
This video has a sweet
looking hot stock tractor with
a lady driving it!

Antique Red Tractor
This oldie flies down the track
but the sled broke...

Antique Tractor Video
Old Economy tractor pulls
sled while driven by a young
Tractor Tour Videos

Tractor Tour Video
See different tractors
parked at the tractor pull in
this video.

Farm Tractor Video
Here's a few parked farm
tractors waiting to pull the
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