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Spring is here in 2008, and it's time for all the tractors to come out of the garages and barns to test out their
winter modifications, and tune-up for the tractor pulling season!  We saw all sorts of lawn tractors being pushed
off of truck beds and trailers, weighing in, and of course catching eyes from spectators...
Lawn tractors (stock, hot stock
and modified) come out to the
Test & Tune Day at the local
tractor pulling venue.  Some of
the tractors are really looking
good this early in the season!  
The first tractor pulling event of
the season, Test & Tune allows
the pullers a chance to make
adjustments before the first
"official" tractor pulling contest.
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Daniel makes his first tractor pull
of 2008 with his John Deere 214
tractor.  Three years of slight
adjustments has made this a
consistent little puller that is
almost ready for the tractor
pulling season.

Justin and Tony's Cub Cadet
1200 makes its first tractor pull
ever, as they are newcomers to
the tractor pulling sport.  For a
first pull, their tractor looks like it
could become a true contender
with some weight adjustment and
some fine tuning!

We heard this tractor started as
a rough project, but looks mighty
fine now!

Mike and Jen's Wheelhorse 10
takes its first try at pulling the
sled this year.  Mike does a nice
job driving their super-sharp
looking Wheelhorse down the

Daniel debuts the John Deere
216 his dad modified over the
winter.  After taking a beating
last year, we could spot a
lowered and narrowed front end,
as well as hear a Kohler
Command Twin 20 engine under
the hood!  This was probably
one of the nicest sounding lawn
tractors we heard while at the
Test & Tune Tractor Pull.  

Are there more mods to this
tractor forthcoming?