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You are pulling with your tractor and want to get better.  Tractor pulling tires are something you drastically
need to get, but where do you start?  We did a little research into the tractor pulling tires people are using
and offer the following suggestions...
Tractor pulling tires!!
Tractor Pulling Tires: Why change the tires?
When a person begins pulling sleds with garden tractors,
their drive to win will eventually steer them toward
improving their tractor’s ability to pull.  One of the easiest
ways to do better on the tractor pulling track is simply get
a better set of pulling tires!  Where should you go to get
those tractor pulling tires?  What brands of tractor pulling
tires do other tractor pullers use?  We did some digging
to find some of the tire brands that tractor pullers are using.
Professional Tractor Pulling Tires
If you have some disposable cash that you just have to get
rid of, then perhaps the professional tractor pulling tires
are what you wish to purchase.  Vogel, Temco Pitbull,
Dick Cepek Giant Puller, and Lawn Tec tires are adorning
the tractors of the cash rich tractor puller.  As you might
expect, the Vogel VM07 and VM08 tires have the
desirable chevron lugs with flexible sidewalls.  The Temco
Pitbull II tires are a bit lighter in weight and really
aggressive, yet, they can be cut if need be.  They also
offer the Rex and Super Puller models, but you better have
the horsepower to spin the Super Pullers should you
select these tires!  The Dick Cepak tires are also chevron
cut like the Pitbull and Vogel models, but tend to be a bit
pricey.  Lawntec tires seem to be the most affordable and
come with 27 thicker lugs which may be cut, soft - flexible
sidewalls, and a bit harder rubber than their competitors.  
Expect to spend $400 per pair and up for a professional
set of tractor pulling tires.

Non-Professional Tractor Pulling Tires
If you are looking to watch your wallet and are just starting
out, then may we suggest some less expensive tractor
pulling tires for your garden tractor?  Well you have to start
somewhere, so some tractor pullers are using the
Firestone brand Flotation 23, Titan/Carlisle Tru Power,
Carlisle Super Lug and the McCreary Traxion tractor
tires.  These are all a good place to start and then may
lead to your own experimentation with cutting these tires
before dropping a lot of cash.  If possible, finding wider,
(close to) chevron-shaped lugs that are as close together
as one can find, will enable the tread to be hand-cut with a
power hand sander, creating a similar look and effect of
the more expensive tractor pulling tires.
Vogel VM07 Tractor Pulling Tires
Vogel VM07 tractor
pulling tires showing
the desirable
"chevron lugs."

Just look at these
aggressive lugs on  
Temco Pitbull II
tractor pulling tires!
Pitbull II Tractor Pulling Tires
Carlsile Super Lug
Firestone Flotation 23 Tractor Pulling Tires
Titan/Carlisle Tractor Pulling Tire
Above (left to right):
Firestone Flotation 23, Titan/Carlisle Tru Power and the Carlisle Super Lug tires.  Notice the lugs are in a "V"
formation, much closer in shape to the "chevron" lugs of the professional tractor pulling tires.  These can be hand
"cut" with a sander to create an "edge" on each lug.
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