What Is Tractor Pulling?

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Tractor pulling is a unique sport where tractors compete against one another to pull a weighted sled down
a dirt track the furthest.  There are different types and classes of tractors that compete against one
another, distinguished by motor size and modifications made to the tractor and motor.
What is tractor pulling?
As the tractor pulls the weighted sled down the track, the
sled gradually increases its resistance in relation to the
further down the track it is pulled.  Thus, the further the
sled is pulled the more difficult it becomes to pull.  The
goal in tractor pulling is to pull the sled the whole length of
the track.  This is known as a “full pull.”

Tractor pulling began in the United States, but now tractor
pulling competitions can be found in many countries, such
as Japan, Canada, Australia, Brazil and both western and
eastern European countries.
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